“However When You lose Yourself In the Zick- Zack of This world”

However when you lose yourself in the zick-zack of this time, several time this condition comes in front of every person in his/her life, when we were not able to understand that whatever we are going to do and think about expectation that doesn’t come on the paper of reality.

“The main Reason of Unsuccess full is that we forget our targets in the zick-zack of this word”                                                                           :- Yogesh Bisht

When You comes under this condition then there only comes a solution of this problem that is,download (35)


Your will have to memories your strength, your weakness , your mistakes that where you had gone wrong as well as those all condit


ion form where you are coming to suffer, how your reach here , what path you had chosen and how can you go away form this path.download (34)


There is need to focused on these above mention condition, if you will be able to short out these all problem them definitely you will find yourself out of this world ,at the top of world with a glorious glory and a feel of reality which you may have not ever expect.

I don’t think that the solution of any problem can be found outside , there is only need to refresh yourself and try to search all solution in yourself the answer will be only there.


2 thoughts on ““However When You lose Yourself In the Zick- Zack of This world”

  1. hi yogesh….your concept..looks really different..hope to see more in this content…..first of all….u need to focus on ur spelling mistakes..in ur blog….and try to give more examples..that relates more to “real life”….hope to see more blogs………..

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